Tension on Sudan-Ethiopia border as 16 farmers killed

Deep tension has erupted along the Sudanese-Ethiopian border after 16 Sudanese civilians were killed by Ethiopian armed groups.
Seven others were abducted and nearly 300 head of cattle stolen, according to Sudanese minister of interior Esmat Abdul Rahman.
The Sudanese parliament has ordered the deployment of military and police forces to protect both territory and Sudanese farmers in the border area.
After listening to a report by the minister of interior, parliamentary speaker Ibrahim Ahmed Omer ordered the ministry to deploy reinforcements on the borders with both Ethiopia and South Sudan.
The number of 16 casualties was given by the interior minister. He added that 12 other people were injured in the clashes with the Ethiopian armed groups in El Gadaref state on the border.
”The Ethiopian armed groups attacked the Sudanese regular border forces and the farmers in the areas of Fashaga, Algalabat, Giraisha and Sanda in the locality of El Gadaref’,’ said Mr Rahman.
span “Repeated clashes have occurred on the Sudanese-Ethiopian border between the ‘shifta’ Ethiopian armed groups and the local Sudanese farmers.
dir=”rtl”span “The joint border have not been properly demarcated.