Telkom denies flouting work permit rules


Orange Telkom Thursday denied it has illegal immigrants working as expatriates.

The company is on the spot over claims it has been hiring expatriates for jobs that can be done by Kenyans.

This is after it came to light that an Armenian woman was employed as a personal secretary to company chief technology and information officer Jean Garcia.

The company has been under investigation by the Immigration Department for allegedly employing Armenian and French nationals, who are allegedly in the country without proper documentation.

On Thursday, the Immigration Department questioned three French nationals accused of overstaying their passes after a screening by officials revealed that the company had brought in nine expatriates from France, but three were staying in the country illegally.

“Orange Telkom Kenya states that it remains compliant with the immigration laws of Kenya. All foreign nationals from our group head office, in France, who are seconded to the Kenyan affiliate, as employees of Telkom Kenya, have acquired immigration documents to work in the country,” said Telkom Kenya spokesman George Mulaghui.

Mr Mulaghui said Telkom Kenya could not take responsibility for the failure by consultants seconded by various suppliers to acquire immigration documents.

“It remains upon the companies to ensure that their paperwork is in conformity with the laws of the land,” he said in a statement.