Teachers should be mentors to help children become good adults

A teacher is a student’s parent while at school. He or she is entrusted with the responsibility of instilling knowledge, acceptable morals, and wisdom in students.

The society expects students to uphold good moral standards because teachers, being their educators, are their number one role models.

A recent incident where a teacher was reported to have sexually molested seven students is appalling.

This begs the question: Who are the students supposed to emulate if their mentors are executing beastly acts to them? What sort of character are we moulding as a society? It is sad that the teaching profession is breeding mentors who are deceitful instead of upholding integrity and purity.

Good teachers are heroes. Good teachers never die. They do not rot even when they are dead.

Those who stink were never meant to be teachers.

The Teachers Service Commission should ensure that teachers respect this noble profession because it is the key to nurturing future leaders.

Methinks the commission should come up with measures such as annual assessment of teachers countrywide to streamline the industry and set it free from such shameful and immoral behaviour.

Those found guilty of sexual harassment of students should receive nothing less than the maximum jail term that the law prescribes.