Take a decor flight with bird feathers


Lampshades are brought to life with these accessories. Update your style with real feathers on a light fitting.

This could be a chandelier or a simple lampshade that has real feathers stuck to it, or even printed feather details.

Those bold enough can try the look in the colours navy, green and red. But if you are looking for a subdued classic look, white and grey work well. Try this in your bedroom or bathroom for a fun, classy look.


Nothing says “comfortable” better than a living room sofa filled with an assortment of tasteful decorative pillows.

And nothing says “sophistication” more than the addition of one or two decorative pillows donned with feather details!

Add this trend and watch your room, excuse the pun, soar to new heights. Also, if your room has more than two bright colours, you may pick less colourful feather decorated pillows, and if it has two basic colours you may opt for bold coloured ones.

Remember, subtle changes make very big differences.


Another way to utilise feathers is by adding them to your workspace. Bring life to your desk by having two or three multi-coloured, feather-tipped ball pens in a pen holder.

If that does not suit you, a bright-print feather desk lamp would definitely do the trick.


Use of wallpaper is always a neat trick in concealing boring walls, and using feathered wallpaper or feather decals does not only save a few shillings, but also adds depth and character to any room.

For a retro look you may use multi-coloured, large-feathered wallpaper, while grey-and-white, small-feathered wallpaper works best for a modern look.


Find a way to marry classic drama with modern freshness by completing a palette of greys, blues and whites with curtains that have feather details.

Dress your windows with this trend by having curtains with dainty feather details.


Try a wall art with feathers as a subtle yet bold bohemian statement. This can be placed on focal points like over the chimney, sofa or even in the kitchen.

Wall art here is not restricted to painted or printed feathers, but could also comprise wreaths made out of real feathers.


Need a variation for your dining table centrepiece? Why not ditch the flowers and bowl of fruit and use a handful of large feathers, real or otherwise, and arrange them in a vase?

For real feathers, be sure to have them cleaned and properly dried to avoid that wet, foul smell.

Peacock and turkey feathers make the most beautiful feather bouquets, but you could always try what works for your taste and colour scheme.


Rugs are always a genius way to anchor a sitting area, and a huge feather print at the centre of the rug is sure to be a conversation starter.

Or you could try a feather-fringed rug with a plain colour at the centre instead. Feather touches work for any style and definitely create a dramatic look.