Strong Cabinet key to Uhuru’s agenda


The panic over the Jubilee government’s re-election prospects cannot be backed by any reliable statistical analysis.

A well-orchestrated plot seems to have been hatched to trash all the government’s effort to make things work.

As the plot unfolds, there is an attempt to show that the opposition is gaining popularity.

As things stand, Jubilee opponents haven’t demonstrated their support base has become any stronger than it was in 2013.

In the remaining one-and-a-half years to the next elections, the Jubilee government only needs to fast track its development agenda.

To cement a functional government capable of delivering Uhuru’s vision, the Cabinet must be strengthened and fully empowered to ensure these projects are complete.

The Cabinet is key in the delivery of Uhuru’s vision.

The benefits of the strides that Jubilee makes are trickling down to all corners of the country, including the strongholds of the opposition.

The first two years were used to set the framework and design programmes that will cut the Jubilee administration as having been the right choice to succeed the successful regime of President Mwai Kibaki.

It is time to assess the 2013 Cabinet’s performance in the journey to take Kenya to the next level.

At this point in time, Cabinet Secretaries should be grading their performances on how their dockets have contributed to the fulfilment of the Jubilee manifesto.

It is their work to help President Kenyatta and his Deputy William Ruto have something real to tell the electorate come 2017.

Mega projects in the energy, transport, education and health sectors are underway.


The hallmark of their full completion is the ripple effect they will have in making life for ordinary citizens better.

Reforms in the security agencies, the Judiciary and the land sector will be a legacy worth voting for, again.

Some Cabinet Secretaries are out of government on corruption allegations that are taking forever to resolve.

The opposition loves this scenario.

When they realise a public official is implementing politically influential projects, even in their own turfs, they plot to abort this progress.

Cabinet Secretaries must be accorded the space they need to deliver.

The President should not allow civil society and opposition sympathisers to undermine his achievements under the guise of fighting corruption.

Ministers should not bear the responsibility of those below them on corruption matters.

I support the fight against graft. Personal and political responsibility are key tenets for public officials to adhere to.

Those found culpable must carry their own crosses.

And even as we agree on this, we must also protect the ministers against being held at ransom by unscrupulous civil servants.

If we are not careful, we risk creating anarchy in government where ministers will concentrate more on looking behind their shoulders than on performing.

Jubilee needs a formula to strengthen the marketers of its progress.

This will need concerted efforts by Jubilee leaders both in and out of Parliament to defend the Kenyatta government.