Stop these brazen killings

That the top bosses from the Kenya Police Service felt constrained to intervene is an indication of how seriously the spate of killings targeting the directors of the Kihiu Mwiri Land Buying Company in Murang’a must be taken.

Within a short period of time, eight directors of the troubled land farm have been shot dead, the latest two just this week. Another four have disappeared without a trace and could be presumed dead.

In such a situation, the direct intervention of the Inspector-General of Police and the Director of Criminal Investigations is, indeed, commendable.

We can only hope now that investigations will proceed expeditiously so that the murderers are brought to book and all members, management, and directors of Kihiu Mwiri can live without fear.

The investigations must be extended to the conduct of police and regional administration chiefs in the area, who have displayed criminal dereliction of duty in allowing this dangerous state of affairs to prevail for so long.

Either they are complicit in the murders or they are so grossly incompetent that they do not deserve to hold such important jobs.