Speaker impeached over alleged graft in Migori


The Speaker of Migori County Assembly Gordon Ogolla was impeached over alleged gross misconduct.

He was sent home on Wednesday by 56 ward representatives who supported the Motion by the Macalder–Kanyarwanda Ward member Eric Gogo.

However, Mr Ogolla on Thursday accused reps of defying a court order, which he obtained before the impeachment.

“The order says the status quo must remain until my case is heard and determined,” he said.

Mr Ogolla said he might “not fight for his seat because the ouster is politicised.”

“My removal is being driven by petty politics and malice,” he told the Nation on phone.

During the ouster, Deputy Speaker Boaz Okoth said the members achieved the 75 per cent threshold for the impeachment.

In the Motion, Mr Gogo accused the Speaker of “hiring and allowing goons” in the precincts of the assembly on February 24 and October 21.

“The Speaker, using his official car, traversed Migori Town and abused ward reps. He violated the law by failing to ensure the efficient use of resources as the chairman of the County Public Service Board,” said Mr Gogo.

The rep said they have called the anti-corruption officials to track millions of shillings lost at the assembly.

Mr Ogolla was not present during the debate. He was suspended last month alongside other top officers over alleged corruption at the board.

He has denied the claims and blamed his woes on “his growing popularity, having declared his bid for the Senate seat”.

“My ever growing popularity is causing some leaders sleepless nights. I would remain strong and focused on my goals,” said Mr Ogolla.

The ousted Speaker said claims linking him to corruption are cheap and baseless.

“After we suspended the County Public Service Board leaders, statutory bodies are now receiving remittances from us on time. Our suppliers are being paid,” said North Kanyamkago Ward member George Omamba.

The Budget and Appropriation Committee Chairman Abedi Maroa claimed the ousted Speaker made them feel “unsafe because of the strangers who frequented the assembly”.

South Sakwa Ward Rep Jared Osawa said the missing millions of shillings from the board must recovered.

Others who supported the Motion included the suspended Majority Leader Richard Sollo and his minority counterpart Charles Nyangi. They are under investigations together with other board members.

The leaders claimed the affairs of the board were only being managed by two people.

Mr Odoyo Odara (Kwa Ward) and Mr Okello Jakwath (Oruba-Ragana Ward) said time has come for the assembly to get fresh leadership.

Security was tight around the assembly during the passage of the Motion.

Other top officials of the board sent home include the Clerk Patrick Wakine, finance officer Maurice Chacha, accountant Peter Omondi and County Service Board member Gladys Ngere.

According to the law, a speaker of a county assembly may be removed from office through a resolution supported by not less than 70 five per cent of all the members of the House.

A notice of Motion for a resolution to remove the Speaker shall be given in writing to the clerk, signed by at least one third of all the members of the assembly stating the grounds for removal.