Senegal wants Niger to extradite terror suspect

Senegal has requested the authorities in Niger to extradite a renown radical Islamist with alleged links to the Boko Haram militants.
The suspect, Mr Makhtar Diokhané, was being held in Niamey.
Sources said Mr Diokhané was wanted in Senegal to face trial along with several others, including his wife.
Fake currencies
They were arrested last week in connection with promoting terror activities in Senegal.
Senegalese daily, the Libération, on Thursday reported about the arrest of Mr Diokhané as he attempted to cross into Nigeria early last week.
Security sources said Mr Diokhané, who was being monitored in Senegal, carried a huge sum of money with him, including fake currencies, at the time of his arrest.
Prayer group
It was following the incident, that the Senegalese anti-terrorism agents proceeded with the arrest of the other suspects, including his wife.
Mr Diokhané’s wife is alleged to be the spiritual guide of the radical Dahira, an Islamic prayer group, and she was alleged to have received huge sums of money from an undisclosed source to fund similar other groups.
Among those arrested was the Imam Alioune Badara Ndao of Kaolack, about 200 kilometres from Dakar.
All the suspects were due to appear in court for the first time Thursday evening.