Senegal recovers ‘stolen’ $13m from Karim Wade

Senegalese authorities have revealed that 24 billion CFA francs (approximately $13 million) has been recovered from funds said to have been stolen by former president Abdoulaye wade’s son, Karim.
The money allegedly was for payments from Dubai Ports World to obtain a concession at the Dakar port.
Finance ministry sources said the amount was paid to Karim Wade who was responsible for accrediting customers at the port.
He allegedly deposited the money, as he had done with several other similar transactions, into his private accounts in foreign banks.
Recently deposited
The cheque was retrieved by Finance and Economy minister Amadou Ba and was held for almost two years before it was recently deposited into the Dakar Port Authority account.
Mr Ba explained that the delayed transfer was because of a protracted tussle with the director of the Port Authority, Mr Cheikh Kante.
The minister explained that Mr Kante had been insisting that the cheque be deposited into the port’s account because the money was retrieved from Dubai Port World.
For his part, the Finance minister had argued that the funds should be deposited with the public treasury which falls under his ministry.
The issue came to a head last week when a Member of Parliament raised the question about the money.
Ill-gotten wealth
An independent lawmaker, Mr Mamadou Lamine, had wanted to know how and why the money was being transferred to the port account whereas the cheque was issued to the ministry of Finance.
Justice ministry officials are investigating the legality of the transfer of the cheque.
Former Prime Minister Aminata Toure, who had steered the fight against stolen wealth by President Wade’s officials, had recommended that part of the money be used to beef up the security agencies.
Her former husband, Mr Oumar Sarr, who is now second-in-command of the former president’s political party, is among those being pursued for ill-gotten wealth.
One of their children has reportedly vowed to commit suicide if their mother’s actions lead to the imprisonment of their father.