Senegal bans Islamic veil

The authorities in Senegal have officially banned the wearing of Islamic veils in the country.
The decision was announced on Monday evening and takes immediate effect, sources quoted the Interior ministry.
All administrative and security agencies have, accordingly, been directed to effect the decision, the leading L’Observateur newspaper said Tuesday.
Defence agencies
The paper said President Macky Sall was constrained to endorse the decision due to pressure from the security and defence agencies.
President Sall hinted the idea last Monday during the second Africa peace and security forum that was held in Dakar.
He argued that the wearing of a full veil was causing security problems in fighting terrorism and could be banned soon.
Majority Muslim
But the Senegalese leader was castigated by the Muslim community for describing the attire as “un-African” and should be discouraged.
There have been loud calls that President Sall should rescind the ban which most of the Muslim community believes was being effected for political expediency.
Senegal is a majority Muslim country and is known for dormant Islamic terror networks.