Scientists urge govt to invest in research


The government has been urged to invest in research and technology to make the country an innovation hub.

Scientists from more than 200 research institutions, who attended a three-day conference at Chuka University, said the government needs to boost its allocation for science and innovation.

The conference, sponsored jointly by Chuka University and the National Commission for Science, Technology and Innovation (Nacosti), aims to incorporate research into commercial activities to achieve sustainable development.

Chuka University Vice-Chancellor Erastus Njoka said countries like Malaysia and South Korea allocate seven per cent of their GDP to science and technology.

“If we get huge funding like those in Korea and Malaysia, we will be able to manufacture our own vehicles and vaccines.

He said researchers in Kenya have to seek funding from donors.

Nacosti Commissioner David Ngige said only 0.9 per cent of GDP is allocated to science and innovation in the country.

He said the commission is working on a science and technology Bill to be presented to the National Assembly.