Scangroup affiliate plans new aert tool

An American aertising and communications multinational is set to introduce a marketing tool in Kenya, the first on the continent, that will see brands publish articles, infographics and visual stories online.

J.Walter Thompson Company (JWT), an affiliate of Nairobi-based WPP Scangroup, in June launched a marketing unit dubbed Colloquial in the US and now targets Africa in response to changing trends.

The tool merges aertising and public relations with storytelling and enables businesses to act as digital publishers to boost the visibility of their brands and customer loyalty. The preference for traditional media like newspapers, TV and radio as tools for aertising and marketing has been on the decline, calling for new products, according to JWT.

“Given Nairobi is our African headquarters, we plan to launch the Colloquial marketing content here and extend it to the continent,” JWT Worldwide chairman and chief executive Gustavo Martinez said in an interview in Nairobi.

He said the impending launch is informed by changing needs of brands and a growing number of multinationals setting up shop in Nairobi.

Presently, focus is increasingly turning to analytics which involve compiling and interpreting data to establish current and past trends in businesses as well as predict future trends, Mr Martinez said.