Sang cites Trump’s speech in ICC case


Former radio presenter Joshua Sang has dragged the name of US presidential aspirant Donald Trump into his defence against charges facing him at the International Criminal Court.

Through his lawyer Katwa Kigen, Mr Sang sought to convince the court that undesirable speech does not always amount to criminal culpability.

He singled out recent comments allegedly made by Mr Trump, in which he was reported to have described Latinos as criminals, drug dealers and rapists who should be deported from the US.

The comments were believed to have led to an attack against a homeless Hispanic man.

“Despite this rather clear nexus between the crime and Mr Trump’s anti-Latino words, no one has suggested that Mr Trump could be criminally culpable for the attack. There has been no call for his prosecution, and he continues his campaign unabated,” said Mr Kigen.

Mr Trump, a Republican frontrunner for the 2016 race to the White House has been widely criticised as racist due to his vicious verbal attacks against immigrants.

The charges against Mr Sang are largely based on comments he allegedly made in his radio shows during the 2007/2008 General Election period.

The prosecution claims they were inciteful and contributed to violent attacks against those who were perceived to be PNU supporters in Rift Valley, majority being Kikuyu.

Mr Kigen argued that the prosecution failed to prove that his client’s utterances led to commission of crime.

As an employee of Kass FM, Mr Sang was not at liberty to unilaterally broadcast propaganda against PNU or in favour of ODM, he added.