Safe ways of hair removal


We are all comfortable with the hair that grows on our heads but not that which grows on other parts of our bodies.

As such, hair removal is a popular service in beauty salons. There are many different ways to remove hair from your body.

Temporary removal methods include waxing using wax, which embeds the hairs causing them to be removed from the roots. Regrowth occursa after a month. Method is ideal for under arms, legs, bikini line and arms.

Depilatory creams are also used to remove hair temporarily. It is a strong alkaline which contains ammonium thioglycollate.


When applied to the hair, it dissolves it at the skin’s surface. Hair regrowth starts immediately.

Permanent methods of hair removal include laser hair removal. Laser energy works by producing light at various wavelengths.

When passed through the epidermis, it stops the activity of the hair follicle. The dark hair pigment absorbs the laser energy, which is converted to heat.

This heat destroys the hair follicle. The more melanin in the hair against the skin, the better the laser works. It is therefore best recommended for light-skinned people with dark hair.

For women who experience persistent facial hair in the beard area, methods such as electrical currents are used. Also known as, electrolysis, the method uses a fine needle inserted into the hair follicle.

The current destroys the hair root, preventing growth.