S. Africa university students arrested

About 150 students were arrested in South Africa for blocking a road in contravention of a court order.
The students from the University of Johannesburg (UJ) and Wits University were required to remain 700 metres from campus, but they moved closer to the UJ campus on Friday.
They were loaded onto police vans after refusing to move away from the university’s premises.
Wits students secretary-general Fasiha Hassan said their protest was peaceful and the issue of outsourcing had not been resolved despite the University of Johannesburg saying it was addressing the matter.
Court order
“What we are calling for is national solidarity from the public. We remain disciplined, non-violent and more importantly our course remains noble. We are fighting for workers’ rights but it is a follow-up from our Fees Must Fall campaign,” Ms Hassan said.
Police say they arrested the students for contravening the court order despite being given ample time to disperse.
Ms Hassan said they were concerned about the arrests and were pushing to have those arrested released.
While the students were protesting in Johannesburg, their counterparts in other universities were sitting for exams.
Wits postponed their examinations after protests continued.
Since apartheid
The ongoing protest was a call for an end to the outsourcing of workers.
University of Cape Town students and workers also protested on campus, burning tyres on Friday.
South African university students went on lengthy nationwide protests against fee hikes next year.
Several universities were temporarily shut down until President Jacob Zuma announced there would be no increases.
Straight after the announcement, students were back demanding that universities stop outsourcing services. They argued that cleaners and security personnel working for external companies were being exploited.
The October protests were the biggest to hit South Africa since apartheid ended in 1994.