RONO: Why EACC is toothless in the war against corruption

Mounting any form of pressure on corrupt public officers without political will is just an exercise in futility.

Equally, the move by foreign governments to slap travel bans on officials accused of graft will not deter them.

Also, the institution that has been vested with the responsibility of dealing with corruption in the country has been reduced to a mere spectator.

Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) officials are at the mercy of parliamentarians. Whenever the commission implicates Members of Parliament in graft cases , they unanimously send the commissioners packing.

It is the same parliament that empowers such institutions. The institution is like a ‘toothless dog’ that fiercely barks and gives hope to the owner that he is safe only to wake up to the rude shock of an intruder.

Deny accusations

It has become common for public officials accused of corruption to vehemently deny the accusations, even when they yield to pressure and resign or step aside, they later return to their offices.

When travel bans are imposed on some officials, their cases soon slip out of the public eye.
There is a tendency where the accused wait for the public outcry to die out.

The trend where public officials stay put even after they have been accused and then resign later or wait for a commission of inquiry to be formed to ‘clear’ them and to be reinstated should stop.

When the president issues stern warnings against the corruption menace do they resonate political will? I doubt.

Mr President, don’t allow this vice to tarnish your administration. Listen to dissenting voices even if they come from the opposition or a peasant farmer.

Kenyans are keenly watching how the Executive wages the war on corruption.