RESTAURANT REVIEW: Good, but needs some tweaking


Each time I turn around, it looks like Big Square have opened a new branch. We came across a new one at The Junction, a mall in Nairobi, while shopping for groceries. It is tiny compared to the branches in Karen, Gigiri and Kilimani. However, it retains the same friendly customer service and appealing menu.

We initially sat ourselves at a table, but observed that you must order at the counter and pay upfront for your food. We ordered their chicken and bacon salad, the fish fillet with chips and a regular beef square. The cashier was pleasant and helpful as we made our selection. We appreciated the hand-washing station they provide with hot soapy water and paper towels.

We noted that they have expanded their menu. Aside from their famous square burgers and ribs, they have added grilled chicken. A quarter chicken inclusive of chips or rice starts from Sh420.

This is great value and a much better option than their chicken wings, which come in a tiny portion.


The breakfast menu has an impressive selection and they deliver around many parts of Nairobi. Their meals are affordable and they affirm that they prepare them from scratch using fresh ingredients.

The server brought out the food within 15 minutes. The presentation of the fish and chips could have been a lot better, but thankfully, the fish was delicious and fresh, so this made up for the poor plating and lack of garnish. The portion sizes were good – just enough to fill you up without overeating or wasting food.

The burger was also good – a soft sesame seed bun with a large chunk of beef, lettuce, tomato and sauce. The salad was generously prepared, with large pieces of avocado and plenty of grilled chicken.

The meal was excellent overall. Our only complaint would be that the French fries were much too salty, for both kids and adults. For health reasons, it would be better to limit the amount of salt they add to the fries before serving them.

A notable mention goes to their delicious milkshakes and creamy hot chocolate.