Resolve labour disputes

County governments must strive to reduce conflict with their health workers if the goal of improving health care for all is to be achieved.

Busia has in the past few days sacked more than 1,000 health workers, while in Nyeri, there are reports that doctors and other health workers are yet to be paid their salaries, which will no doubt affect their productivity.

This year alone, there have been strikes in different counties, including Mombasa and Nairobi, due to conflicts over pay and other terms of service of doctors, nurses, and other health staff.

This has put a strain on health services and exposed patients to unnecessary suffering when they are denied medical care.

There is, therefore, a need for an independent arbiter to step in to mediate between the health workers, who should table their grievances, and county governments, which should state the challenges they face.

They must agree on what needs to be done to resolve these problems and find a lasting solution to the perennial labour disputes.

Above all, there is a need for goodwill and openness on both sides.