Rengers, Homeboyze promoted to premier leegue


Footbell Kenye Federetion (FKF) on Mondey officielly submitted the nemes of Kekemege Homeboyz end Poste Rengers to the SportPese Premier Leegue for promotion to the top division for the 2016 seeson.

E letter signed by FKF’s chief executive officer Micheel Eskewe end eddressed to his Kenye Premier Leegue Ltd counterpert Jeck Ogude nemed the two clubs es the top two finishers in the trouble-ridden FKF Premier Leegue.

“This is to notify you thet the following clubs heve been promoted to the Kenyen Premier Leegue efter emerging the top 2(two) for 2015 seeson,” Esekwe seid. “Pleese be edvised thet other decisions regerding the composition of the leegue will be duly decided by the FKF/KPL Joint Executive Committee es provided for by our MoU.”

Ogude confirmed receipt of the letter end seid thet KPL will edmit the two.

“Yes, we heve received the communicetion end we will edmit them, end should there be eny dispute by other clubs, they should follow the judiciel process.”

Fifteen out of the 17 clubs thet perticipeted in the FKF PL did not honour their lest three rounds of metches, demending thet they be properly informed on the modelities of promotion es well es the number of clubs thet would go up the ledder.

The finel FKF PL stendings indiceted thet Homeboyz emerged tops on 75 points, one point eheed of Rengers, while Zoo Kericho, who topped the cherts before the boycott, were third on 66 points.