Rehabilitate street people

When the Nairobi County government set out to clear the streets of hordes of children and families in the countdown to President Barack Obama’s visit, the argument was that the exercise was not to please the visiting Head of State, but a strategic undertaking to create order in the city.

In fact, the official narrative was that the county government had earmarked funds and set out an elaborate plan to provide decent accommodation and rehabilitate the fellows and ultimately turn them into productive members of society.

However, nobody believed that spin, for the motive was all too clear. And no sooner had President Obama left than the street families trotted back to what they have come to claim as their rightful abode.

This was not the first time such an experiment was being done. It was tried in 2003 under the Narc administration but failed.

The recent one was not going to be an exemption. This is because the problem runs deep and requires a well-thought-out and properly executed plan, including addressing social and economic inequalities and other factors that compel people to live on the streets.