REG to promote use of LED bulbs to save electricity

After successfully rolling out Compact Fluorescent Lamp bulbs, which have helped the country to save about Rwf11 billion annually, Rwanda is now turning to LED bulbs for lighting homes and institutions.

The LED project to be jointly rolled out by Ministry of Infrastructure and Rwanda Energy Group (REG), a public utility company, is expected to save upto Rwf22 billion annually and reduce the electricity demand by 60MW.

Switching to LED bulbs comes when the country’s generation capacity is still low at 161MW yet the power generation projects commissioned some years ago have not been completed.

After the country turned to CFLs, according to John Bosco Mugiraneza, chief executive of REG, said the utility company reduced electricity demand of 30MW.

Light more homes

The country seeks to light more homes through its electricity access rollout programme, targeting to raise connectivity from the current 24 per cent to 70 per cent in two years’ time.

Rwanda short term interventions — importation of electricity from Kenya have delayed to mature, leaving part of the country in power blackout.

The constant blackout in the first nine months of this year negatively affected Rwanda 2016 World Bank Doing Business rankings.

The survey factored in availability of electricity as one of the parameters for measuring the business climate in surveyed countries.