Pre-holiday care tips for the skin


THE HOLIDAY season is with us again and it is time to think how your skin will survive the splurges of this season. If you prepare your skin early enough, you will look as youthful as ever when the new year swings round. The time to start is now.

Swimming: Ensure the pool is clean. Any sign of green water means that the pool has algae. A brownish pool could contain bilharzia larvae. Ensure the water is sky blue. Always shower before and after entering the pool. If you do not shower after swimming, the chlorine residue on your skin could result in a rash. Use sunscreen on your face. Ladies need to wear swimming caps to avoid contaminating the pool with hair oil residue.

Safari care for your skin:

The most irritating factor while on safari is dust, and sweat. Before you travel, take the weather into account. Sitting in a vehicle for long hours will cause perspiration. You should therefore wear light, layered clothing, instead of one heavy item.

Dress in cotton clothing as opposed to synthetic. Carry wipes and hankies to keep your skin cool as you travel.

Insect bites: Due to the rains, higher populations of mosquitoes and Nairobi flies are expected. To avoid mosquito bites, use nets and insecticide. This is easy to prepare by using eucalyptus oil mixed with liquid paraffin and applied to exposed parts. Look out for Nairobi flies on the pillow and clothing. Do not crush this insect and ensure it does not come into contact with your skin. In case of any skin burning, clean skin with diluted disinfectant.