POWERTALKS: Learn to develop yourself in all areas


Last week I started a discussion on value. The summary was that passion follows value. It is also goo to look at this from a personal perspective.

I cannot but quote a verse that talked about Jesus growing in wisdom, stature, favour with God and favour with man.

These for dimensions represent the four pillars of human development namely: mental development, physical development, spiritual development and social development.

They are like the four tyres of a car. You need all four to be functioning for the car to progress. Every year as the year gradually drifts to the end, I always use these four parameters to evaluate my personal development and also my relationships.

How much did you grow mentally this year? How many new books did you read? How much knew knowledge did you accumulate? How much of what you knew before did you execute? What new views do you have this year based on information and exposure that you did not have last year?

What challenges did you have last year that are no more challenges today because your level of thinking has been able to submerge the challenges?

If you think today exactly like you thought this time last year concerning everything then you have just wasted a year. A person who thinks at fifty the way he thought at twenty has wasted thirty years of his life.

Growth is not revealed in the progression of a calendar but in the progression of the mind. As a man thinks so is he. If therefore the man’s mind has not grown is it a wonder that the man’s life is stagnant?


Physical development is an area that I did not consider one of my strong points. However, as you grow older you begin to realise that you need a healthy body to carry the vision.

A lot of good people with great visions are no more with us because they did not take care of the vessel that carries the vision.

A friend of mine taught me that I need to diarise my exercise just the same way I diarise meetings.

It should never be on the back burner as something you do when you have the time.

A person who does not create the time to look after his body cannot later blame his body when the body refuses to carry the vision. And it’s not just exercise.

Pamper yourself. Don’t get so caught up with doing things for everyone that you forget about doing things for yourself. What’s the point in working so hard if you will not enjoy the fruit of your labour.

Spiritual development depends on what spirituality means to you. I have however come to understand that there is an unseen hand that seems to govern the affair of men and regardless of what a

person’s leanings or persuasion is, the law of love seems to be the active trigger for spiritual development.

The more love you express towards humanity, the more the blessings of creation seem to be redirected towards you.

It does seem that the more we give the more we create room for newer bigger things. As we approach the festive season, what an opportunity to grow spiritually by our expressions of love.

Finally we need to grow socially. There is no value in being a spiritual or intellectual giant and a social misfit. Social development is a function of exposure and associations.

You need to nurture and grow your networks. You need to learn new social skills or activities. You need to hone your speaking skills and dining skills. You need to be the best version of you – the

one that makes an impact wherever you go.

These four parameters are also very useful in determining who you should keep in your circle. I once wrote on the concept of lead, follow or get out of the way.

Anyone who is not adding value to you in one or more of these four areas is not someone you should devote too much of your time to. Time is too precious to be wasted on things that do not add value.