Posta initiative welcome

Plans by the Postal Corporation of Kenya to make inroads in public transport are a pointer that the institution is willing to embrace innovation and remain relevant in a market where revenue from snail mail has been shrinking.

Besides improving its revenue three-fold, the plan, if well-implemented, promises to offer travellers a welcome alternative as the corporation can instil a new culture of service that can distinguish the quality and safety of its fleet from the loosely managed and privately owned competitors.

However, for it to make a mark in this competitive segment, the corporation must be adequately prepared to face the challenges ahead, including maintaining an impeccable road safety record, employing courteous staff, offering both short- and long-haul services, ensuring connectivity with railway stations and airports, and running a scheduled service, all of which are sorely lacking in our public transport.

The company should also consider offering executive services for discerning customers who would like to use bus transport for long journeys.

With good management, such a service can transform the cut-throat industry that has paid scant heed to road safety in the quest for profits.