Poor waste disposal threatens health of Chuka town residents


Poor waste disposal in Chuka is slowly becoming a health threat to the town’s fast growing population.

All the waste collected in the town and in Ndagani Market which is home to more than 15,000 Chuka University students is dumped on Embu-Meru Highway, few meters from Chuka General Hospital.

The waste, that is threatening to block the road that leads to County School Boarding Primary, is already spilling to the highway.


The residents have complained of unpleasant smell and invasion of houseflies, cockroaches and other insects that pose a threat to their health.

A resident, Mr James Mwiti said the county government has done nothing despite having complained to the authorities to relocate the dumpsite far away from residential areas.

“With the onset of the El Nino rains there has been an increase of houseflies and other insects that may cause diseases especially to our children who play around the dump site,” said Mr Mwiti.

Another resident, Ms Mary Kendi said when it rains the waste, which is washed to a nearby Kurugucha stream, ends up in Nithi River.

“Residents of this estate are always suffering from recurring typhoid infections and other complications and we suspect it could be as a result of the waste,” said Ms Kendi.

Chuka Igamba-Ng’ombe public health officer Adan Wako told Nation that the waste exposes the public to risk of diseases like cholera especially now that it is raining.

“I wrote a letter to the town administration asking them to relocate the dump-site but I am still following up the matter,” said Mr Wako.

The residents have now urged Governor Samuel Ragwa to intervene and ensure that the waste is taken to other places before it causes more health hazards.