Pontiff calls for selfless service among clergy

Pope Francis on Thursday called on religious leaders to remain faithful in their service to the people in church.

Speaking at St. Mary’s School in Nairobi where he met with clergy, the pontiff warned against materialism being the basis of their service.

“There are some looking for their own interest or have the ambition to have money and power or to be a real important person in the world. The church is not a business there is no room for these things in the service of the Christ,” he said

The pope, cautioned religious leaders against being indifferent to the suffering of others and “falling into the sin of indifference”.

“Every person chosen is called to serve the poorest and those left farthest from society. Do not allow yourselves to be served but served,” he said.
The pontiff urged the priests who were on missionary work not to give up but to increase their efforts in reaching out to the poor and the rich.

He urged them not to discriminate in their service to the vulnerable in society and to show mercy to all people, regardless of their religious persuasion.

Pope Francis expressed his happiness about the work of the church in Kenya and said it contributes to unity and reduces suffering among the sick in hospitals.

The clergy and the seminarians, who welcomed the head of the Catholic Church with songs and ululations, are known for their service to the poor and sick. He praised the Felician sisters for their hospitality.