Politicians who went to intimidate ICC don’t represent Kenyans

The Assembly of State Parties (ASP) should not dictate to the International Criminal Court (ICC).

The court should be independent lest it be seen to be a political outfit.

Kenyan politicians flocked to the chief prosecutor’s door last week to try to intimidate her as they did the witnesses.

This should be an indication to ASP of the truth about the so-called recanted testimony.

The witnesses, who have now been termed hostile, were clearly intimidated and threatened, not coached.

They withdrew their testimony for fear of being victimised because their evidence was against those who are now in the seat of power.

African politicians at The Hague meeting do not represent the people of Africa.

The Kenyan politicians who attended the ASP meeting did not represent the wishes of Kenyans.

The African Union has not addressed the issues of the more than 1,300 innocent Kenyans who were killed in cold blood during the post-election violence and the more than 6,500 who were uprooted from their homes and are now living in camps in Kenya and neighbouring Uganda.

The AU failed to stop the Kenyan massacre because it is biased and always favours those in power.

For the AU leaders, it is a question of “scratch my back I will scratch yours” and victims of such heinous crimes do not matter.

The AU is cruel and does not represent ordinary Africans.