Play of the Week – Stair Case by Phoenix Theatre


Stair Case is a play written by Charles Dyer and adapted for the local audience by Phoenix Theatre.

It is a bitterly funny, honest and blunt play about the loneliness, self-disgust, underachievement and humanity of two alienated Nairobi barbers with supposed foreign names.

A cover of their relationship meshed up in frustrating complexity, frequent ugliness and humor and bond by internalised repression and fear. An angle that tells their story without losing humor or dignity – full of controversy!

Theatre personality of the week: Brian Achola

Q. How long have you been acting professionally?

A. Five years and counting.

Q. How did you start?

A. I started with the travelling theatre; let’s say it has been up the ladder because I am also doing a bit of TV.

Q. Any appearances on the silver screen?

A. Yes, some features and movies like Lies That Bind and Noose of Gold, Redemption and Check List.

Q. Do you prefer theatre or silver screen?

A. Because I love acting so much, it is very hard to choose. I love them equally.

Q. What were you afraid of most as a child?

A. I was scared of rats and frogs, but I am still here so there probably was nothing to be afraid of.

Q. You are in a two-man show, what is it like? Is there fear of boring the audience?

A. Being in a two-man show is in fact the best because you have to work to hook the audience and once you do that, then you know they won’t get bored.

Q. Tell us about the part you are playing?

A. I am playing Harry, the heart of the play, so talking about it will be giving out the good stuff, given that the play is very controversial! I won’t say much about the role just come out and watch the play. It will give you something to think and talk about.

Q. Your five-year plan?

A. How about having my own theatre company? That would be something.

Q. How do you wind down?

A. I like to chill out with my friends and have all sorts of fun.

Q. Do you think Kenya will produce another Lupita Nyong’o?

A. Actually, I believe we have a lot of Lupitas, it is just a matter before they are discovered. Hopefully, that will happen soon.

Q. Your worst fear?

A. That would have to be being locked up!

Q. What is the most embarrassing episode you have been involved in?

A. I cannot think of any, quite honestly.

Q. Who would you most want to invite for lunch and what would you talk about?

A. How about Bruce Jenner? I would grill him on what made him become what she is right now.

Q. Something people would be shocked to discover about you?

A. Not many people know that I a neatness “freak”. I am so totally in love with cleanliness that it annoys people sometimes.

Q. Your favourite holiday destination?

A. That would have to be Malindi.