Pitson: Why I quit my bank job


“Lingala Ya Yesu” hit maker Pitson has explained why he ditched his well-paying bank job for music.

Pitson, who is preparing to release his third single “Niwache Niimbe”, had been working for StanChart bank in Nairobi in the sales and marketing department for three years when he decided to quit.

If the success of “Lingala ya Yesu”, which has been remixed by comedian Eric Omondi as well as fellow gospel artiste Allan Aaaron as “Kigoco ya Yesu”, is anything to go by, then it was a wise move.

Apart from live performances, he has also landed a couple of gigs in advertisements.


In a recent interview with a local TV station, Pitson admitted that it had become increasingly difficult for him to concentrate on his job while pursuing music at the same time because both are so demanding.

“It got really hard to concentrate between my work at the bank and music. My productivity was on a downward spiral. Sometimes I was forced to lie about my whereabouts, as I left the office to attend media interviews, studio sessions or even video shoots.

“When asked, I would say I was with a client. It was not a good thing to do but I have since asked God to forgive me for that,” he said.

Even after quitting his job, it took him three months before he told his parents the truth, because he feared his decision would upset them.