Philips to unveil pneumonia test device for children

Netherlands-headquartered firm Royal Philips is set to introduce a device that can detect pneumonia in children, helping to fight the disease in Kenya.

The company will in April next year launch the belt-like gadget that diagnoses the deadly disease using light symbols.

Known as Children’s Automated Respiration Monitor, the device blinks red when strapped around the chest of a child to indicate presence of pneumonia and green to show a child is pneumonia-free. It also comes in two versions, a rechargeable version by use of a USB charger and another that uses batteries.

“Monitoring a child’s breathing rate is an important aspect in diagnosing pneumonia,” said Roelof Assies, the general manager of Philips East Africa, during the pre-launch event.

The innovation was spearheaded by the Nairobi-based Philips Africa Innovation hub in collaboration with their counterparts in Netherlands and India. Field testing of the monitor was done in clinics across Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia and India