Paralysed woman pleads for justice after boyfriend attack


A 24-year-old woman is crying for justice two years after an attack by her boyfriend. Ms Joan Lebene of Nakuru says she was stabbed by her boyfriend in 2013 after she rejected his marriage proposal.

Ms Lebene, now paralysed, told the Nation that she reported at Marigat Police Station but she only got an OB number.

She is being treated at Baraka Nursing Home. The woman says she was stabbed in the back 11 times.

The man went into hiding, according to his father. Police say the man is on the run and keeps changing phone numbers.

Speaking from her hospital bed on Friday, Ms Lebede said her mother had exhausted all her money in hospital bills.

She was first admitted to St Lukes Orthopedic and Trauma Hospital, Eldoret but was discharged when her bill hit Sh500,000. She has yet to clear it.

Her mother took her to Baraka Nursing Home in August where she has been receiving treatment.

Ms Catherine Mutinda, who is in charge of the nursing home, says the patient had deep stab wounds in her neck when she was admitted.

Bedsores contributed to compression of the nerves, leading to the paralysis.

“She is already discharged but cannot go home because of her Sh341,000,” bill, the nurse adds. She will only be required to go for wounds dressing.