Oversight bodies should act now to stop plunder of public funds

If the reports of the Auditor-General published in local dailies on the state of financial performance in our counties are anything to go by, then it is sickening and a stab in the back for the proponents of devolution.

The blatant theft and misuse of public funds and assets are criminal acts.

Nowhere else in the world can a person simply draw funds from public coffers or procure services or assets without proper supporting documents or approval or adhering to procurement procedures or contracts.

The audit report shows that management control systems at county level do not exist or have completely failed.

It is also a pointer that the current funds allocated to counties can achieve much more development if applied prudently without waste.

The main problem is that the top county management teams, including MCAs and the County Executive who call the shots on financial spending, have abdicated their duty as the custodians of public funds and instead formed cartels to plunder the coffers.

It is important that oversight bodies have people on the ground to provide checks and balances if the counties cannot self-regulate.

Some of the county accounting officers should be made to report to the central government until such a time as a level of financial maturity is attained in the counties.

There is an urgent need for oversight bodies to move in quickly to restore sanity in the financial management of counties.