Opposition coalition welcomes former Tanzanian PM

The political parties forming the Coalition of Wananchi Constitution (Ukawa) have welcomed former Tanzanian Prime Minister Edward Lowassa ahead of the October General Election.
Uncertainty has surrounded Mr Lowassa’s political future since he was defeated in ruling CCM presidential nomination, with reports indicating Ukawa leaders were debating whether or not to embrace him.
However, speaking during a press conference held in Dar es Salaam Monday, the Ukawa co-chairman, Mr James Mbatia, said the coalition leaders had unanimously agreed to welcome Mr Lowassa.
Mr Mbatia, who was flanked by other Ukawa co-chairmen, Mr Emmanuel Makaidi (NLD), Mr Freeman Mbowe (Chadema) and Prof Ibrahim Lipumba (CUF), said the coalition believed in Mr Lowassa’s great ability to persuade the electorate to vote CCM out of power.
Mr Mbatia praised Mr Lowassa as a hard worker and a keen follower of responsibilities assigned to him.
According to Mr Mbatia, every Tanzanian was aware of how CCM presidential nomination was marred with irregularities, nepotism and oppression, which caused some candidates to be unfairly disqualified.
Forced to resign
“Ukawa believes that for public interest, we need every Tanzanian to join us in the fight against CCM’s oppression, manipulation and nepotism but we take this unique opportunity to welcome former Prime Minister Edward Lowassa to join Ukawa in this war against CCM,” said Mr Mbatia who read the statement on behalf of his co-chairmen.
Mr Mbatia said he believed that if the 2015 election could be used strategically used, it could bring huge changes desired by many Tanzanians.
In February 2008, Mr Lowassa along with two Cabinet ministers, were forced to resign after a Parliamentary Select Committee investigating the controversial power contract between the government and Richmond Development Company implicated them.
Speaking about what changed Ukawa’s perception of Mr Lowassa CUF vice-chairman Mr Juma Duni Haji said it was just a normal political decision.
Mr Haji said even Nelson Mandela invited the perpetrators of apartheid into his government despite what the latter did to him and to majority of black South Africans.
Prof Lipumba said Ukawa was expecting to name it’s presidential candidate earlier next month.
Currently, Prof Lipumba said, each party was conducting its internal nominations.