NYS pass out parade delayed amid graft probe

The pass out parade of the National Youth Service (NYS) has been delayed by about two and a half months amid corruption cases in the parent ministry.

The recruits have been in the camp for the last eight months participating in paramilitary training that normally takes six months.

They joined in April this year and the pass out was supposed to be held on September 14, according to a senior officer who visited the camp last week.  

“The pass out ceremony has been delayed. You were supposed to graduate on September 14 but this was not possible. We anticipate that your graduation will not go beyond December,” said the senior officer.

The delay could be a strategic move by the Executive, which is avoiding bad publicity in presiding the graduation in an institution that has been marred with massive graft that saw Sh695 million stolen from the NYS account.

The President normally graces the occasion. The official noted that the recruits will be provided with the berets and spades next week, signaling the graduation could happen anytime soon.