Nyeri truck driver beheads wife for calling him ‘uncircumcised’


A truck driver from Ichuga Village in Kieni, Nyeri County has beheaded his wife after she allegedly referred to him as a kĩhĩĩ (an uncircumcised boy).

The incident is said to have happened as the couple’s children watched.

Alexander Karue, 32, reportedly had an argument with 30-year-old Doris Nyawira at around 6am Monday which resulted in the sudden death of Ms Nyawira.

It is reported that the argument ensued after the couple disagreed on plans to move out of their one-bedroom rental house.

The deceased is said to have insulted her husband who in turn took a dagger and cut her neck and called her brother informing him that he had killed her.

The early morning incident, however, went unnoticed until the couple’s children told neighbours that they had not gone to school because their father had killed their mother.


“We asked the children why they had not gone to school and they said it was because their mother had been killed by their father,” said Mr Patrick Gichunge, one of the neighbours.

The neighbours went to check on the wife and found her lying in a pool of blood and her husband seated next to her lifeless body.

The residents attempted to lynch the man but he was rescued by police officers who arrived at the scene.

The couple is said to have been in good terms except for occasional domestic quarrels.

Mr Karue, the suspect, is described by the neighbours as a rather quiet and reserved man who rarely interacts with other people.

“He is a very quiet man. He does not interact much except for casual greetings,” said Ms Lucy Nyaguthii, another neighbour.

Confirming the incident, Kieni East OCPD, Michael Mbaluku said the suspect was arrested by police and will face murder charges.

“The suspect is in custody and will be charged with murder,” he said.