NUTRITION: Tired of feeling tired all the time?


With just a few weeks left before the end of the year, a lot of people have been coming in to the clinic feeling pretty damn tired of 2015.

You know those days: you wake up exhausted and spend the whole day making up for it, reaching for coffee to perk you up whenever you get the chance.

But for most people, that’s where it ends. After a good night’s sleep, they’re back to their usual chirpy selves. But what if, like Joy, a former high-flying executive and now stay-at-home mum, you’re still tired the next day? And the next


As I said to Joy, it may sound obvious, but the first place she needed to look is diet. Living on tea/coffee and various snacks (samosas, mandazis, etc.) would mean that her body simply wouldn’t have the right sort of fuel it needed.

What’s more, tea and coffee are stimulants (as are cigarettes), which means they give you a lift in the short-term, but leave you feeling worse than before.

Similarly, the refined nature of the snacks means that the energy is short-lived. Good meals, made up of complex carbs, vegetables, protein and some “good” fat (like the kind found in avocadoes) or good snacks, like fruit with nuts or yoghurt, make sure that this doesn’t happen.

But Joy was eating all the right things, and that’s what led me to her liver. When the liver is backed up with things to do, it won’t detoxify the body as it should – and that’s why she felt exhausted.

Rather than embarking on a full-blown detox with her three young children at home, I suggested some simple strategies to help give her liver a break.

Aside from doing away with stimulants, drinking plenty of water was crucial.

Five servings of fruit and veggies came next, and I asked her to eat as much colour as possible. For her complex carbs, she could have brown rice, millet, lentils and beans, while wheat was out. And for protein, we started off with more lentils and beans (they contain carbohydrate and protein), nuts and seeds, before adding fish and lean white meat.

Dairy produce (milk, cheese, yoghurt and ice cream) was also out.

Joy started slowly, actually only incorporating a few of the suggestions above. However, after a month of eating in this way, she began to feel lighter (both mentally and physically) and had considerably more energy.