NTSA launches S10m pedestrian fences to boost use of footbridges

Businesses around Nairobi have been offered a deal by the government to build S10 million safety panels along key roads in the city in exchange of free aertising.

The panels, targeted at preventing pedestrians from crossing at undesignated points, will cover 15.3 kilometres along five key roads where hundreds of people have been killed this year.

Each panel will measure 2.8 metres long and will be fabricated and erected at a cost of Sh56,771. The panels will be 1.8 metres high, making it difficult for people to climb over them.

The government did not indicate if there is a minimum number of panels that a business is required to sponsor before qualifying for the free aertising.

It is not also clear how long the deal would remain in place.

“For uniformity and to simplify the work of partners, especially from the corporate sector to participate in the provision of the pedestrian fence, a standard pedestrian fence is designed,” a brief from the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) said.
The NTSA will provide a list of approved fabricators who will make the panels.

415 killed

The roads targeted are Jogoo Road (3.5km), Landhies Road (2km), Waiyaki Way (5.2km), Mombasa Road (3.4km) and Airport North Road (1.2km).

At least 415 pedestrians have been knocked dead in Nairobi from January to October 27 this year with Mombasa Road being the most dangerous claiming 43. This is despite the erection of several footbridges along the road last year. Thika Road is second, claiming 34 pedestrians while 33 have died on Waiyaki Way.

The recently opened Southern bypass, the Eastern bypass, the Northern bypass, Jogoo Road, North Airport Road and Kangundo Road have all claimed in excess of 10 pedestrians each.

The barriers are expected to funnel pedestrians to use footbridges and where they are not available, only allow people to cross the roads at marked designated points.