NGOs given 14 days to submit audited accounts or be deregistered


A total of 957 non-governmental organisations (NGOs) have 14 days to submit required documents to the NGOs Coordination Board or be deregistered.

The board’s chief executive officer, Mr Fazul Mohamed, said the NGOs had not provided audited accounts for more than Sh23 billion received from donors, despite several notices to them.

“We wrote to the concerned NGOs on September 3, we later gave them a 21-day notice but they have not obliged.

“They now have 14 days from today to oblige or be deregistered,” Mr Mohamed said on Thursday in Nairobi.


He said some of the NGOs were involved in money laundering and terrorism activities but declined to name them.

He added that the board had forwarded the list of all the deregistered NGOs to the Central Bank of Kenya and the Kenya Bankers Association to freeze their bank accounts.

“The board has also forwarded the list of the deregistered NGOs to the Financial Reporting Centre (FRC) and the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) for further investigation and possible prosecution,” said Mr Mohamed.