New committee should be made effective against corruption

President Uhuru Kenyatta has formed a committee to advise him on how to curb the upsurge of corruption in his government.

It now seems to have dawned on him that corruption has reached unacceptable levels.

However, the formation of the committee should not be a circus to hoodwink Kenyans that the government is committed to fight graft.

There are a several negative effects that corruption has had on our country.

One, Kenya cannot achieve its full economic potential since billions of shillings meant for development projects are stolen.

Kenya will, therefore, remain a giant in slumber unless this scourge is eradicated.

Two, the people cannot access quality services in public hospitals and other public institutions.

Three, many young Kenyans cannot get employment despite high qualifications and talent.

Four, the poor are denied justice since they lack the capacity to bribe the police and the courts.

Five, ordinary Kenyans’ land is grabbed by the greedy for speculative purposes.

Six, most buildings are unsafe for tenants because their owners bribe to get construction permits.

Seven, our reputation as a country is tarnished in the eyes of the world.

Eight, the vice has torn apart our moral fabric and compromised the cultural and religious values that we cherish as a people.

The President and his administration must, therefore, act firmly and swiftly lest a people’s revolution sweep them from power.