Ndeiya: No gates, no charges, but great scenes for pictures


Nestled between the territories of the Maasai and Kikuyu communities is a little known region along the Great Rift Valley called Ndeiya.

On the far western end of this semi-arid and vast region lies a great escarpment with extraordinary features and a serene environment.

The escarpment has for a long time been the grazing ground for Maasai and Kikuyu herds.

The region has not opened up to the outside world due to poor roads, perhaps contributing to its untouched beauty.

Ndeiya is a great place for photo shoots.

Offering a large view of the Rift Valley floor, the Ndeiya Escarpment provides a magical touch to even amateur photographers’ lens, creating unforgettable pictures and videos.

The best time is early in the morning when the sun’s first rays hit the valley or in the evening between 6 and 7.

Shots from this area often tell an epic story of Mt Longonot, Suswa Mountain, Mt Margaret and the Aberdare Ranges.

Mother Nature has endowed the Ndeiya Escarpment with an amazingly rough and rocky terrain, a perfect destination for those craving great expeditions and hikes.


One of the best places for a hike is the site of the blinding white diatomite deposits.

The Kikuyu and Maasai communities tell the most intriguing stories about these mineral deposits.

As you hike, you cannot miss great sights such as the Ngurunga (cave), Irima ria Ngai (bottomless pit) and other amazing features.

Camping in this extraordinary place is still a relatively untested activity due to the unexplored nature of the region.

Camping here makes you feel you are out in the wild but safe, with only a few laughing hyenas that will never come close to a camp fire, to keep you company.

The other sights to behold are the magnificent view of the valley towns and Maasai manyattas during the night.

To cap it all, Ndeiya is a free environment — no charges, no gates, and no tour guides, just a free wild world to roam and make precious memories.