Nairobi Water to connect 200,000 homes after tariff increase

About 200,000 Nairobi households will be connected to the water supply network in the next three years as the city water firm invests Sh1.2 billion raised from this month’s tariff increase in grid expansion.

The drive by the Nairobi City Water and Sewerage Company (NCWSC) mainly targeting Eastlands and informal settlements will also see an extra 60,000 accounts connected to the sewer system in the period.

NCWSC was recently granted a 93 per cent tariff increase that took effect at the start of this month.

“In the eastern part of the city, the water coverage is very low and that’s where we are going to be focusing on as well as put a lot of investments in informal settlements,” Philip Gichuki, NCWSC managing director, said on Monday.

Mr Gichuki said that the change of land use from low density to high density occupation without commensurate upgrading of the sewer lines has reduced the number of people accessing the services.

The company is targeting Ruai, Utawala and Kasarani, where homesteads and businesses are not connected to the main sewer line.

The utility company recorded water sales of Sh6.72 billion in the year ended June and the revised tariff will now push its revenues above Sh8 billion. Bills issued at the end of this month will be the first under the new tariff.

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Nairobi residents who consume an average of 20 cubic metres of water per month will part with about Sh1,674, up from Sh868. This figure is inclusive of sewerage charges that are 75 per cent of the amount charged on water units consumed, and Sh50 as meter rent.

Low-income earners who consume six cubic metres of water and below will see their monthly bills go up from Sh187.10 to a flat rate of Sh204, a nine per cent increment.

Large consumers of above 60 cubic metres in a month like water kiosks will pay Sh64 for every unit consumed.

The costs for new connections and a deposit have also been increased to Sh2,500 from Sh1,200 for domestic consumers.

Sewer connection fees are now charged at Sh5,000 for domestic consumers and Sh15,000 for reconnection. Nairobi Water produces about 552,000 cubic metres of water daily but 38 per cent is lost through leakages and theft.