Muslims told to condemn terrorism


Muslims have been urged to condemn criminals using Islam to commit terrorist acts. A group of Muslims from Cremona in Italy said terrorism affects everyone and does not know religion.

The group’s message was read at the Holy Ghost Cathedral in Mombasa during a function where Archbishop Martin Kivuva flagged off a youth caravan calling for peace in the county ahead of the visit by Pope Francis on Wednesday.

“Islam is a religion of peace and all true believers should commit to demonstrate it. In Africa, like in the Middle East and Europe, terrorism has to be condemned and defeated,” said the group’s president, Mr Licio D’arossa.

“There is no justification for those who killed innocent victims in Paris. There is no justification for those who killed 147 people, most of them students at the Garissa University College,” they said in their letter read by Mombasa Catholic Archdiocese Vicar-General Wilybard Lagho.

The letter, delivered by Mr D’arossa on behalf of the Muslims in Cremona, asked all religions to support peace initiatives and embrace dialogue as each sect needs the other.

“A truly courageous person is one who builds bridges to meet and coexist with others, not one who builds walls to generate hatred or excuses of making war,” says the letter.

The Islamic centre in Italy accommodates immigrants from North Africa who have sought refuge in the European state due to social, political and economic problems in their home countries.

Archbishop Kivuva said security agents can only foster peace that has already been established by civilians.