Muslim leaders happy with Pope’s ‘humanitarian approach’ to issues


Muslim leaders are looking forward to meeting the Pope and discussing ways in which different religions can work together for the betterment of humanity.

Chairman of the Supreme Council of Kenyan Muslim, Prof Abdulghafur El-Busaidy, is among the key inter-religious leaders who will meet the Pontiff on Thursday morning.

He has said Muslims are happy with the Pope’s “humanitarian approach” to issues.

“We are happy to work together for the sake of stability and harmony. We acknowledge that everyone has their own beliefs and we respect that.

“We need peace and development. We are confident the Pope will speak about these issues,” said Prof El-Busaidy.

In an interview with the Nation, he said if the Pope addresses the issues of integration and unity, they are close to their hearts, because Muslims face discrimination in the fight against terrorism.

Muslim leaders have repeatedly accused the government of racial and religious profiling.

The Operation Usalama Watch crackdown saw mass arrests of Muslims of Somali descent who were detained at Kasarani Sports Stadium.