MUSIC REVIEW: Lord Forgive Me by Juliani

“Lord Forgive Me” – a collection of slapstick lyrical attacks aimed at rappers King Kaka, Octopizzo and Khaligraph, marked a sad day in the music industry when it was recently released.

The three-minute track features Juliani babbling on about how he’s the best in the rap game and even “corks” his gun at his competition using a chilling sound effect of a handgun being corked, the work of gospel music producer Saint P. Can you imagine, for a

moment, how absurd it would be if the pope got into a war of words with presidents Obama, Putin and Xi Jinping of China, jostling for the title of who’s the best leader amongst them?

Or if Lacrae, America’s number one Christian rapper, got into an altercation with secular rappers Kendrick Lamar, Kanye West and 2 Chainz over who’s the best lyricist?

The idea that Juliani, one of Kenya’s most adored gospel rappers, could actually pay for expensive studio time to record a diss track aimed at three of the top secular rappers in the country, is simply stupendous.

This is a guy who just released Jehovah, a deep and meditative rap song that features a lot of biblical imagery, which incidentally, doesn’t help his oft-repeated argument that he’s never called himself a gospel rapper.

And as if to underscore how far this project missed the mark, the beat that Saint P produced for “Lord Forgive Me” turned out to be a joke that lacked even the slightest hip hop groove that a music production student could muster from basic studio software.

Juliani’s fans love him because his songs are deep, spiritual, poetic and mentally stimulating. Why jeopardize all that goodwill for cheap beef?