By: Brian Cliff

Rapper Khaligraph Jones on a crunk track personifies what former talk show host and America’s OWN Television Network founder Oprah Winfrey told Harvard University’s graduating class of 2013.

In her keynote address at the graduation ceremony, she quoted Theologian Howard Thurman who had said; “Don’t ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive and go do that, because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

To compose such a profound thought and say it the way he did, Mr Thurman must have heard about a Kenyan hip hop rapper known as Khaligraph Jones, who turns into a monster every time he raps on a crunk track, like he most recently did on Iz Vipi.

Like Em Besha, the track is your typical southern hip hop music, with its looped synthesizer melodies and cinematic violins all slowed down by a simple drum machine rhythm.

Khaligraph raps on it like he has a million things to say and not enough time to say them! He is quick, succinct and aggressive in his vocal delivery and easily outshines his fellow collaborators, most people would agree.

And while Calvo Mistari brings in his signature smooth and expressive style of rapping as UB sings in the chorus, they are both no match for the seasoned Mr Jones.

In terms of excellence, the only guy who gives him serious competition in this track isn’t even a rapper; he is VJ One, who in his colourful, club scene shots and precise final editing of this video, shows us why East African musical class acts like Bebe Cool are all seeking him out to direct their music videos.