MPs summon Rotich over delay of CDF


MPs have summoned Treasury Cabinet Secretary Henry Rotich to a meeting in Nairobi next Tuesday over the delayed disbursement of the Constituency Development Fund allocations.

The constituency funds were paid out last week after a three-month delay.

Despite the disbursement of Sh2 billion, which was shared among 121 constituencies, members of the CDF committee were doubtful if another Sh2 billion would be paid out this week as promised.

“We want to have a meeting with the Treasury CS next week,” said CDF committee chairman Moses Lessonet. “We’re going to ensure that the Sh2 billion is disbursed. We may have to order meetings every week.”

The committee is keen on ensuring that all the Sh35 billion allocated to the fund this year is disbursed.

Of the Sh2 billion released last week, Sh1.5 billion was shared by 74 constituencies as arrears for unpaid allocations from previous years.

Some 47 constituencies shared Sh466.9 million, 46 of them getting Sh10 million each and Bumula Sh6.9 million.

Mr Yusuf Mbuno, the CDF board chief executive, said: “By: the end of the first quarter, end of September, the disbursement should have been Sh10.6 billion to pay the 268 constituencies with project proposals and pending balances. The shortfall is quite large.”