Motigo Hills: Perfect venue for morning prayers and tourism


It is arguably the main tourist attraction in this remote area and its elegance and majestic splendour has continued to lure tourists from far and wide.

Motigo Hills is one of the famous places tucked away in the remote villages of Merigi in Bomet County.

Tourists flock the area mostly to experience the sunrise and the sunset atop the hill. In the morning, the site creates a perfect lull for those saying prayers.


Others prefer saying morning prayers on the hill, because of its serenity and ‘nearness’ to God.

As early as 4am, pilgrims flock the place to say their prayers before dawn lest the sun ‘overhear’ them.

Although the name of the hill does not have any meaning in the local dialect, it is traced to an old man who once visited the place and fell in love with the landscape.

As the story goes, his origin could not be traced but the man is said to have built himself a house on top of a hill where he lived for many years until his mysterious disappearance.

He lived alone and locals believe he might have been devoured by wild animals.

Here, tourists love watching the first rays of the sun. They also enjoy watching the sun setting behind the hills on the horizons.

A high number of visitors is recorded during the early mornings and late evenings.

Neighbouring the hill is a school — Motigo Hill Primary. The school stands out from its lofty perch.

For some of the pupils who live at the foot of the hill, running uphill to school every morning has become the norm.

On weekends, visitors spend their days sight-seeing neighbouring towns, landscapes as well as enjoying the refreshing air.

This village get-away has continually lured nature lovers. From here, one can also see the great Mau Forest as well as the great landscape of locals farming.

During Christmas and public holidays, most families converge on the hill which provides a secure, serene environment for gatherings.