Mother of baby who disappeared mysteriously from a Nakuru hospital to undergo DNA test


A mother whose day-old child disappeared mysteriously from Nakuru Level Five Hospital a week ago is set to undergo a DNA test, according to hospital authorities.

Mrs Elizabeth Odhiambo’s newborn disappeared a few minutes after delivery while in the hands of hospital nurse.

The nurse allegedly took her away in what the distressed mother termed as the worst thing she could ever have imagined.

“All I want is to be with my daughter. Being separated is not in the best interest of either of us,” she told

The hospital’s Medical Superintendent John Murima said they will collect a DNA sample from the mother and do a post-mortem on two infant bodies that were earlier presented to her as belonging to her baby.

“We must do a DNA test for the mother and carry out a post-mortem on the two bodies of the infants.

“Thereafter we will investigate what might have led to the sudden death,” said Mr Murima adding that a similar test on the baby’s father would be optional.


The medical official said the management will investigate the nurse who took away the baby in case results of the examination reveal mischief in the baby’s disappearance.

He, however, regretted the incident and asked the distraught parents to be patient as the hospital management follows up on the matter.

Baby Stella was born on Wednesday, a week ago at around 6pm and spent the night in the hospital.

On Thursday at around 6am, the father visited mother and child at the hospital and found his wife breast feeding their newborn.

The child disappeared on that fateful morning.

Although the hospital authorities claims the child died when she was taken away from the mother by one of the nurses, the alleged death was not reported anywhere.

The body has also not been traced.

“My wife told me that our daughter was picked by one of the nurses who claimed that she was taking her for routine medical examination but she later came back to the ward with the child’s clothes only” said John Owino, the child’s father.


The nurse told the child’s mother that her baby had died.

However, it was not recorded anywhere, neither was the body traced in the hospital’s mortuary.

Mr Owino added that when they went to check with the mortuary attendant they were shown two disfigured bodies of infants but none belonged to their daughter.

“I was even surprised when I saw the disfigured body of a baby girl bearing the name of a boy.

“When we asked why the mortuary attendant told as that’s how they usually write the names,” said Owino.

The couple became suspicious when the nurse instead demanded they pay Sh2,000 so that the hospital could bury the body at the local cemetery.

When they left the hospital on Thursday evening, the nurse who was seen with the baby could not be traced.

But the hospital still insists it is the first time such an incident has been reported at the facility and that they will investigate the whole saga.