Mixed reactions on social media over Uhuru’s Cabinet reshuffle


Kenyans have taken to social media to render their opinions after President Uhuru Kenyatta reshuffled his cabinet on Tuesday evening, announcing that the changes made were necessary for effective service delivery.

Former CS for Devolution Ms Anne Waiguru using ‏@AnneWaiguru said, “Congratulations to all the new CSs following the Cabinet reshuffle by HE @UKenyatta. I wish you all the best in your great service to Kenya.”

Kericho Senator Charles Keter @ketercharles, Kericho senator, was tapped for the Energy ministry and he could not contain his enthusiasm tweeting: “I am ready for Energy ministry challenge. #CabinetReshuffle” on @ketercharles.

Although most welcomed the changes, many felt as though the process was a mere distraction from the fight against corruption and questioned the credibility behind the selection process.

Writing on Twitter, activist Boniface Mwangi, ‏@bonifacemwangi, said: “Do Cabinet Secretaries sign performance contracts? The one’s been reshuffled? How have they performed? Were they appraised? #CabinetReshuffle”


To some, it seemed as if President Kenyatta’s earlier assurance to tame the wage bill was just another empty promise even though he had clarified his government expansion was necessitated by overlapping of roles within departments.

‏@VinceChepkwony added: “Wage bill my foot. State corporations up from 26 to 41.”

‏@KinyanBoy said: “In his #CabinetReshuffle president Uhuru has increased ministries from 19 to 20 & State departments from 26 to 41. Cost cutting ni yenu.”

Some also questioned the previous work history of those nominated and the impact they may have on their new roles. ‏

@Bornmaina said: “With Kaimenyi at the helm of the lands docket, leakages of title deeds are likely to happen. #CabinetReshuffle.”

However, the newly elected members are yet to be confirmed as they must first undergo a vetting process before they are sworn in.


Many have lauded the nomination of Google Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) ambassador, Joe Mucheru, for the ICT docket and see him as a bright and well-thought-out addition to the new Cabinet.

@KiunduW said, “Great move to have Joe Mucheru of Google Kenya as ICT Secretary, right up his alley #CabinetReshuffle.”

With @JulieGichuru adding, “Joe Mucheru, Cabinet Secretary ICT. Well deserved! Google is losing a gem as Kenya gains a true professional. Jenga nchi Joe.”

@nduhiumutitu said, “Congrats Joe Mucheru, I do hope you will find a way of going round the bureaucracy in the government systems, our ICT future looks bright.”

‏@bikozulu said, “I Interviewed Joe Mucheru in 2012. Sober guy, reflective, Christian grounding and sharp. Congratulations @mucheru.”

However, not all Kenyans were pleased with this decision with some questioning if he will be able to fill the shoes of past ICT Cabinet Secretaries.

‏@RobertAlai said, “Joe Mucheru was demoted at Google over FRAUD. He is now in Kenyan cabinet. Only the fraudulent get here. #CabinetReshuffle.”

@Gilbertogilly said, “I still miss Bitange Ndemo in ICT. Matiang’i did nothing and who …. is Joe Mucheru?”