MCAs support government ban on foreign trips


A section of Marsabit MCAs have supported a recent ban on foreign benchmarking and training trips by government officials, parastatal chiefs, and political leaders at the national and county levels.

The Members of County Assembly (MCAs) told the Nation on Tuesday that the assembly had prioritised on development activities rather than making unnecessary trips abroad.

They welcomed the move announced by the National Treasury Cabinet Secretary Henry Rotich and added that the county’s assembly members were among those who had made the fewest foreign trips since they were elected three years ago.

Dukana MCA Elema Diba said the government did well to ban the trips saying that this will help tame corruption in the country.

“We cannot be frequently travelling at the expense of our electorates. Benchmarking is important for assembly members to learn but we must also be conscious on the available resources for development of our constituents,’’ he said.

His sentiments were echoed by Logologo MCA Somo Kochale and her nominated counterpart Sadia Araru.

Mr Kochale said counties which had misused their privileges of travel by misusing resources should be banned by the state.

A number of foreign embassies had earlier formally protested to the Kenyan Government over the trips by various delegations to their countries, noting that they were a nuisance to their home nations.